Work for Us

Why work for Impression Technologies?

We are a young fast-growing company with an exciting and disruptive technology for sustainable transportation. As we grow internationally, new exciting opportunities for apprentices, graduates and experienced professionals will arise both in the UK and in other markets. To help drive our global expansion we look for individuals who are naturally curious, passionate about their subject and self-starting. A natural ability to network and form strong collaborative relationships within the organisation and beyond with major global companies is very important. 

We have an open organisation structure without bureaucracy and hierarchies that often prevail in large established companies. Many of our staff have joined us from major corporations, finding the culture and challenges refreshing and providing the opportunity to work without the constraints of corporate rules or tightly-specified job descriptions. However, if you need predictability and easy missions, perhaps our company is not for you. 

Talent progression is unlimited, driven both commitment by the individual and the company. There are both technical and managerial career paths, meaning that technical or functional specialists can advance in their career without having to assume a managerial position. A measure of success will be that after working at ITL, with our investment in your development and giving you responsibility early, your market worth with be significantly higher than when you joined us. 

You will have opportunities to acquire new skills and professional connections in technical, operations and commercial domains and engage in major programmes  with some of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace and consumer goods companies in Europe, China and North America.

The story of some of our apprentices
portrait of a

Hasina started working at Impression Technologies in early 2018 as an Executive Assistant to the Senior Management Team. We were able to secure a Level 4 Marketing Executive Apprenticeship with Professional Academy for Hasina. She is due to finish the course during 2022 with the goal of achieving a Merit or higher. Hasina plans to do her Level 6 after completing her Level 4. Her current title now is Executive and Marketing Assistant. Her role is more varied, with a bigger focus on global marketing activities rather than administration – covering social media, website and conference management.

Hasina expresses that she is really enjoying the apprenticeship and is learning a lot of new knowledge that can be applied to her role directly. She is picking up new skills all the time and has a good team behind her supporting her learning journey.

“Impression Technologies is the perfect place to do an apprenticeship, as it’s a new and developing company. I feel like I am growing with the company and applying my new knowledge to the business. I have already learned so much on the job, and I feel more confident in my role. I am looking forward to finishing my course and reflecting on what I have learned.”

Two other apprentices that joined us are Mohammed and Lewis.

Mohammed is working as an Apprentice Materials Characterisation Technician. Over the last year, he has gained experience in understanding work requests, test preparation, and running laboratory testing equipment. He has also qualified as a crane operator and fire marshal in his short time with us. Mohammed’s manager has expressed how impressed he is by what Mohammed has achieved so far, how he adjusted to working life and how his confidence grew. Mohammed  feels like he has become more responsible and professional, and that we have given him a good introduction to the engineering world with a supportive and helpful team behind him.

Lewis is working as an Apprentice Production Engineer and has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience during his time at ITL directly related to the manufacturing process on the shop floor. He has been exposed to different and other aspects of the production process, such as TPM and Quality management.

Lewis has expressed that he enjoys working at ITL as it is smaller company that allows everyone to communicate and get to know each other which creates a friendly environment to work and grow in.  Lewis has also completed a fire marshals’ course, gained a gantry crane license, and completed courses for certain workshop equipment tools such as abrasive cutting tools.  Lewis’s line manager has noticed that he has made significant progress with regards to his shop floor activities and procedures/processes. He has a keen eye for detail and has plenty of knowledge on the maintenance of the forming press. He is an integral part of the team and has become a trusted pair of hands the go-to guy for any minor maintenance issues. Not only are apprenticeships useful and beneficial to the apprentice, but they also contribute to the diversification of  the workplace. It allows individuals to earn while they learn, build new skills, knowledge, and behaviours that they can take with them into their career and exposes the company to new ways of thinking and learning.

James Marsay is our newest apprentice, having joined us in 2021, he is working as an Apprentice MCC Technician at MCT. James will be join us at ITL HQ at the end of his first year.