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HFQ® Technology is to be the global standard for advanced aluminium lightweighting.

ITL will develop a global ecosystem of accredited HFQ component manufacturers supported by advanced design and simulation software tools.

ITL will achieve its goal of wide-scale adoption of sustainable lightweighting via:

  • Investing in world class talent in delivering new process, simulation, and applications technology
  • Forming intimate and trusted partnerships across the globe
  • Advancing its technology to maintain unrivalled material utilisation and embedded carbon
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We enjoy getting involved with the local community to help as much as we can. Some work we have done previously is with a company called Imagineer, a couple of staff members went to St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in Coventry to help the kids with their engineering activities.

We also hosted a tour of our facilities to the young pupils to introduce them to the engineering industry, we want to promote to future generations to get involved in this field of work.

At Impression Technologies, we seek staff who are passionate about innovation and overseeing the adoption of sustainable solutions. We are a young company with a disruptive low carbon materials technology that meets the needs of the fast-growing electric vehicle and aerospace market.

You will have opportunities to acquire new skills and responsibilities and work globally with some of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods companies in the development of low carbon and innovative products and manufacturing networks.

We offer various opportunities for personal development and growth.

Impression Technologies can provide you with the tools and resources to achieve this.


Every year, we give out rewards to 5 members of staff. The rewards are as follows:

Contribution to/demonstration of Innovation and Technology Improvement

Contribution to Quality

Health and Safety and Well Being

Most impressive personal development (training/self-development)

Use of data and rigour in development, problem-solving, or proposal work (i.e., using facts to execute a thorough job)

Collaborative working – internally and/or externally – with a supportive approach (i.e., an ideal working colleague/team player)

We give staff the chance to vote for their colleagues. The awards are then presented and given out at our yearly Christmas Meal.

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ITL Fun Day
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In 2018, we organised a Fun Day for all staff to go Ape for the day. This was not only a great day out for everyone, but it was also a good team-building exercise. Staff found that they felt closer and built better relationships with their colleagues as they had time to get to know each other better.

About us
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Impression Technologies is leading the path towards lightweighting solutions in automotive, aerospace and consumer product sectors.

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