Thought Leadership

Impression Technologies’ knowledge and expertise is unrivalled in the hot forming of ultra-high strength aluminium solutions. Our technical specialists have accumulated many years of experience in developing robust lightweight solutions for automotive and other sectors, and they are always keen to share their insights on the use of HFQ® Technology for hot formed aluminium stampings.

This series of videos showcases our Thought Leaders, who share their knowledge of lightweighting technology and how HFQ® can offer technical, sustainability and economic benefits to users of aluminium structures and the wider lightweighting ecosystem. Throughout the coming weeks, we will be releasing more videos of our Thought Leaders, so check back regularly for more informative content!

Adrian Tautscher

Hear what Adrian, our Principal Technical Specialist – Sustainability & Circular Economy, has to say about the ability to make parts from recycled material with the HFQ® process.

Richard Hunt

Richard’s knowledge guides us through the accessibility to automotive parts for aluminium suppliers who don’t have heat treatment capabilities, and the benefits of HFQ® as an enabler for this.

John Sellors

John is the Director of Applications Engineering at Impression Technologies. In this video, he discusses how HFQ® enables the consolidation of multiple parts to provide cost and weight savings.

Damian Szegda

Dr Damian Szegda is the Director of Technology and in his Thought Leadership video, he discusses the drivers for the development of HFQ® Technology.

Do you want to discuss more about the topics our Thought Leaders have mentioned? Or do you want to talk through a specific project with Impression Technologies? If so, please contact us today and our technical experts will be happy to have a conversation with you.