Impression Technologies supports Jet Wagon’s quest for high-volume manufacturing in China

ITL Jet Wagon image

Last month, members of the Impression Technologies Ltd (ITL) team travelled to China to support fellow HFQ® Partner Network member Jet Wagon, as they worked to commission their new high-volume production line and achieve their Hot Form Quench (HFQ®) manufacturing accreditation.

From 14-24th October, ITL team members Federico Melotti and Sabrina Yan were onsite at Jet Wagon’s facility to ensure thorough testing and verification were conducted on the high-volume production line. As China’s electric vehicle (EV) market undertakes rapid growth, Jet Wagon is focused on increasing manufacturing capacity and quality to meet demand and stand out from the competition. Already involved in the serial manufacture of HFQ® aluminium parts in the automotive sector, this investment in additional capacity means Jet Wagon is poised to grow its applications for advanced body in white structures and battery enclosures in electric vehicles, using this pioneering forming technology.

With ITL’s testing and commissioning support, Jet Wagon’s production line is now qualified to provide lightweight aluminium at a much quicker rate while maintaining high quality standards. This HFQ® certification enables significantly faster production rates and positions Jet Wagon to better serve the booming Chinese EV market.

As China continues to help spearhead the global EV revolution, at ITL we are leveraging our knowledge and skills to assist companies like Jet Wagon in keeping pace with demand through optimised, high-quality manufacturing.

The future is electric, and it’s being built faster than ever in China. We are proud to support EV makers with the manufacturing technology expertise required to produce quality vehicles at scale.

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