Impression Technologies Receives Making The Difference Award at ATI Awards


Impression Technologies (ITL) recently earned the prestigious Making The Difference Award at the ATI Aerospace Technology & Innovation Awards 2023, held at the Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham. This distinguished accolade acknowledges Impression Technologies for its groundbreaking R&D project dedicated to advancing the use of recycled alloys and diminishing the embedded carbon in aircraft seats.

Impression Technologies’ acclaimed project introduces an innovative approach to extending the lifespan of aircraft seats. Through rigorous R&D efforts and design for full circularity, the company has successfully developed aviation seats that meet the industry’s main drivers for low weight, cost-effectiveness, style, and comfort, all while delivering environmentally responsible solutions.

Financially supported by the Midlands Aerospace Associations PIVOT Programme, this project serves as an ambassador for showcasing how UK innovation can propel sustainability efforts to new heights, keeping valuable materials in use and preventing them from ending up in landfills. This award is a testament to the impactful outcomes achievable through small-scale R&D projects. Impression Technologies’ dedication to innovative sustainability practices sets a commendable example, raising the industry’s standards.

Congratulations to all the other nominees for the award and to the entire Impression Technologies team for their well-deserved recognition. Their commitment to extending the lifecycle of aircraft seating demonstrates exemplary leadership in sustainability. For the latest updates on Impression Technologies, please follow us on LinkedIn.