HFQ Partner Network Event Interviews

HFQ Partner Network 2022

During the HFQ® Partner Network Event held on 22nd June, industry experts in attendance took time to share their in-depth knowledge on HFQ® technology.

With much of the conversation geared towards the automotive industry, and how aluminium can play a key role in the electrification of transportation, the delegates were asked a series of questions focusing on topics such as why they choose to collaborate with Impression Technologies, what are the biggest opportunities in the application of HFQ® in the automotive sector, and why they think HFQ® is the future for sustainable lightweight aluminium car structures.

Interview #1: Tim McGuire

Interview #2: Christian Kurten

Interview #3: Pawel Rutecki

Interview #4: Stefan Geissler

Interview #5: Andreas Steinmassl

Interview #6: Gerald Schulz

Interview #7: Jonathan Watkins