HFQ® Applications Collection

Since 2013, Impression Technologies has been at the forefront of innovative hot forming of aluminium and the development of applications using its HFQ® Technology. To demonstrate our years of experience in designing and manufacturing ultra-high strength aluminium structures, we have put together a dedicated area at our headquarters in Coventry to display an array of HFQ® formed aluminium parts that span automotive and aerospace applications. 


In the following video, John Sellors, Director of Applications Engineering, explains the first of our series in this ‘HFQ® Applications Collection’. 

Complex, single piece HFQ® door inner

The manufacture of complex, deep drawn, single piece door inners is enabled by HFQ®. Some modern car designs are driving increases in door inner depth and complexity, therefore challenging the feasibility of producing single piece cold formed parts. HFQ® offers additional flexibility to car designers and enables the production of single piece door inners, which in some cases cannot be achieved with conventional cold forming.

HFQ® Lightweight Armrest

This is an ultra-light weight, high strength HFQ® armrest in 7075 alloy for aircraft seats, that offers significant savings in production cost and material utilisation. Impression Technologies is developing demonstrators for other components within airline seats such as seat backs and pans.

Highly Complex Side Wall Pressing for the Aston Martin DB11 Convertible

This is a great example of how we can merge multiple cold form parts into a single press blank.

Forming of HFQ® complex B pillar panels

We are a manufacturer of ultra-high strength, lightweight HFQ® B pillars.

Impression Technologies will be adding more informative videos sharing our extensive knowledge of HFQ® components. If you would like to find out more about how HFQ® can enable cost-effective, sustainable and lightweight structures, please click here.