AeroMat 2021 Webinar: Boeing NeXt: Development of formed aluminium option for skin reinforcement and fuselage frame

Impression Technologies’ work in the aerospace industry is well documented, with HFQ® Technology being incorporated into the production of various parts including leading edges, fairings, nacelles, and seat frames for aircraft around the world.
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ITL has worked with Boeing on providing aerospace parts through the use of HFQ® Technology. This is covered in a webinar that was presented at AeroMat 2021 featuring Tim McGuire, New Business Development Director for Aerospace Global at ITL, and Dr Alistair Foster, Director of Innovation, who are joined by Jared Bolin of Boeing. The discussion centres around the lightweighting of aluminium for use in the aerospace industry, and how Boeing is moving forward with these innovations, thanks to the input of Impression Technologies.

In the webinar, Tim introduces the presentation by providing an explanation on the HFQ® process, before handing over to Jared, who discusses how HFQ® Technology can increase the quality of sheet metal parts that can be mass produced, and overall results in lower costs for aerospace manufacturers. Alistair then talks about how Boeing approached Impression Technologies with a plan for ITL to produce material at 0.5mm, which had never been done by the manufacturer before. Designs and prototypes were created, and the presentation shows a detailed video of how the part production process is carried out, and the outcome achieved.

You can watch the full video at the top of the page. If you want to speak to us about our hot forming capabilities, please contact us, and for the latest news on Impression Technologies, you can follow us on LinkedIn.


Tim McGuire, Director of Aerospace – Impression Technologies

Alistair Foster, Director of Innovation – Impression Technologies

Jared Bolin, Boeing NeXt M&P Support – Metals Lead – Boeing Research & Technology