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HFQ® Technology

Impression Technologies is leading the path towards lightweighting solutions in automotive, aerospace, and consumer product sectors. Impression Technologies offers a fully tailored service according to your engineering needs from concept to production. We provide the knowledge and expertise to support HFQ® Technology, empowering you to transform your project.

Our facility, located in Coventry, UK, is fully equipped to carry out in-house prototyping and production runs to support our HFQ customers and partners.

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HFQ® Technology

Our Story

Impression Technologies was formed in January 2013 to act as a portal between Imperial College London’s Engineering Faculty and automotive and transport manufacturers. It has been key to the development of HFQ® technology, which is revolutionising the exploitation of aluminium.

 We are the proud operators of the world’s first HFQ production line and a founder member of the HFQ Partner Network.

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We are the proud operators of the world’s first HFQ production line 


Our Site History

Impression Technologies is located on the outskirts of Coventry, at Lyons Park, named after Sir William Lyons, who started the pioneering Swallow Sidecar Company, which eventually became Jaguar Cars. It was previously known as The Brown’s Lane plant, which occupied the entire site that is now Lyons Park. This was the home of Jaguar’s production from 1951 to 2005.​

ITL is proud to be located on the site where many classic Jaguar models were built (the units in the business park – C, D, and E – were named after the original Jaguar press lines). We aim to continue Coventry’s heritage of innovation, automotive, manufacturing, and engineering in creating new generations of vehicles that can be admired all over the world.