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about us

A world leader in aluminium light-weighting

Impression Technologies is a world leader in light-weighting solutions for automotiveaerospace, and consumer product sectors.

We offer a full service from part feasibility, through to designprototyping and production with a unique combination of applications engineeringmetallurgy, hot forming process and simulation know-how, which in the form of HFQ® Technology, is set to be a global standard to provide stronger, lighter and cost-effective structures.

Our Global Technology Centre and headquarters in Coventry, UK, features a full-scale HFQ aluminium hot forming press line and materials characterisation laboratory providing prototyping, series production, technology demonstration and technical support for OEMs and our global manufacturing tier partners including fischer group, Telos Global and Jet Wagon.

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HFQ® Technology

Commercialising world-leading aluminium hot forming research

Impression Technologies was formed in early 2013 to commercialise many years of research in advanced hot aluminium forming by Imperial College London, unlocking the potential of ultra-high strength alloys for automotive, aerospace and industrial structures.

In 2016, we commissioned the world’s first HFQ® production line and started producing the first automotive HFQ® parts (for Lotus and Aston Martin). Since then, our partners, including fischer group in Germany and Jet Wagon in China, have expanded their HFQ® production plants.


Where it all started


Our site heritage

Impression Technologies is located on the outskirts of Coventry, at Lyons Park, named after Sir William Lyons, who started the pioneering Swallow Sidecar Company, which eventually became Jaguar Cars. It was previously known as The Brown’s Lane plant, which occupied the entire site that is now Lyons Park. This was the home of Jaguar’s production from 1951 to 2005.​

Impression Technologies is proud to be located on the site where many classic Jaguar models were built (the units in the business park – C, D, and E – were named after the original Jaguar press lines). We aim to continue Coventry’s heritage of innovation, automotive, manufacturing, and engineering in creating new generations of vehicles that can be admired the world over.